Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Iconic Dress: Rita Hayworth in 'Gilda'

Epitomising Hollywood glamour was Rita Hayworth's gown worn in the 1946 film noir Gilda, created by French couturier Jean Louis. The black satin strapless dress, split thigh-high and accessorised with long black gloves, embodies the femme fatale balance of mystery and femininity, and subsequently Hayworth became a cultural icon of the time.


  1. This dress was amazing for several reasons - reasons that played into the films torturous love-hate relationship between Hayworth and her two lovers. Right before she appears in this gown, she has been so emotionally beat up. Physically and mentally she has nothing left in her to fight. But then! She shows up singing and dancing in this dominatrix-like dress, reclaiming her power. It was so ahead of its time. And the dress was a feat of engineering. To me, this is the best costume ever created for the movies.

  2. I just read that Rita Hayworth was pregnant during the filming of GILDA. That giant bow/pouf bit on the side of the dress performs both style and function, huh?