Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CHANEL Vintage Jewellery GIVEAWAY

To celebrate our new blog and to showcase some of the beautful vintage jewellery that is arriving daily we we are holding our first ever CLOSET giveaway, and what better way to start than with the ultimate in vintage jewellery, 2 exquisite authentic CHANEL pieces. The first is a pair of beautiful CHANEL 1970's rhinestone, faux pearl and metal drop earrings. The second piece is a 1970's pearl chain sautoir necklace.  Both of these pieces are highly collectible.

To win all you need to be a follower of this blog (all new followers welcome!) and leave a comment explaining briefly why you love CHANEL and why you would love to win this amazing prize.
  • Giveaway is open for 7 days and will close Monday 5pm (AEST) July 5th
  • Winner will be announced on this blog on Tuesday July 6th
  • Winner will be required to contact us at info@enchantedclosetshop.com to claim prize, if the winner does not contact us within 5 days of Giveway closing the prize will be automatically redrawn
  • We welcome all Australia and international entries
  • Winner is selected at the sole discretion of CLOSET blog administrator
Good luck and thank you for being part of this beautiful Giveaway!


  1. I have been obsessed with Chanel jewellery ever since I can remember, these pieces are amazing and I would love to be part of this beautiful competition! Thank you!!!!!!

  2. how amazingly generous to have such beautiful pieces as a giveaway.I absolutely adore the necklace with the beautiful pearls. Thanks for the opportunity to take part.

  3. how wonderful!! id love to be in with a chance...Chanel!! swoon...

  4. This beautiful jewellery shows how truely timeless Chanel really is!
    "Timeless" is a description given to many labels but none sum it up as wonderfully as Chanel.
    Being a "70's Vintage item" myself (born 1977) I would love to own one of those dazzling pieces to help me emulate their enduring style!! Mwah x

  5. I love Chanel because it's always classic and timeless.

  6. I guess at 32 I really should start dressing my age, and wearing more sophisticated jewellery that makes me look stylish and not like a teenager!

  7. Chanel, reminds me, its wonderful being a woman and makes me feel beautiful.

  8. Who doesn't love chanel? They do gorgeous clothes, accessories, handbags and beauty products. Those earrings are to die for aren't they or is just me? To be given apart of history that you will cherish for your life and when that life finally ends the jewellery doesn't because it starts a new history with your children or that special best friend who will continue to tell it's story to their loved ones. You can't put a price on that.......Chanel jewellery that makes memories. And Closet is helping with those memories. So thank-you.
    Love Shelley.

  9. Chanel rates five stars in my three star world - Chanel is chic and magnifique!

  10. I could write a book on how simply gorgeous Chanel fashion is the older it gets the more charm it has ,vintage pieces have a stunning old world charm which all modern women desire

  11. Chanel is more than fashion.
    To wear Chanel, one must have passion.
    Kindness, confidence & class,
    Makes us all feel like classic movie stars..

  12. Coco set the benchmark for the classic style of France.
    These Chanel jewels would help me gain panache and elegance.

  13. Chanel epitomises glamour, style and feminine elegance in fashion, accessories, perfume and beauty products.
    From humble beginnings in Paris, Coco changed the world forever with her fashion vision, which freed women from corsets and gave us the little black dress and Chanel jacket and trousers.
    I would love to own a vintage piece of Chanel's classy, iconic jewellery, because part of Coco's dream was to make every woman feel beautiful.

  14. Samantha Cowan

    Coco.....Breakfast at Tiffany's and of course Audrey Hepburn.....are three things that are quintessential when you think of Chanel. I am a purest when it comes to vintage dressing. The clothes, shoes, bag and hair must be right and of course to top it off the Jewellery. I love Channel Jewellery and would never miss treat it by wearing it not in a classic way

    samantha Cowan (38)

  15. Chanel represent glamour, style and timeless elegance. With such stunning, beautiful pieces, I'd be absolutely delighted to win! Fingers crossed xx

  16. I love Chanel jewellery and handbags. I'd love to own a piece of Chanel jewellery!

  17. Chanel = sophistication and elegance. Always the cream of the crop. This pack is a future heirloom that'll be handed down through the generations.

    jasmine n

  18. Chanel has the ‘wow’ factor. So-hot-right-now. Chic, yet so playful. Luxury and beautiful, yet wearable. My jewellery collection needs an update

    Diantha N, Qld

  19. Simple, timeless, edgy, to-die-for. One-of-a-kind, girly, fun. Fashion statement. Oozes style, class and sophistication. Classic signature style that are of-the-moment. Epitome of elegant and fabulous designs. Heaven!!!


  20. why wouldn't i love it...it's french, it's got the je ne sais quoi factor that is adored by so many.