Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Week We Covet Whitney Port's Wardrobe

As a women in my 30s I'm not sure if I'm meant to covet wardrobes of girls in their early 20s, or watch The Hills for that matter. But I do! I love the shenanigans of Lauren, Whitney and Co. and am strangely drawn to  the fiasco that is Spencer/Heidi. I love Lauren's style but she sometimes plays it safe, whereas Whitney Port knows how to mix it up, designer with thrift and gorgeous vintage dresses. So this week here are some of my favourite Whitney looks and I look foward to watching her style evolve in New York in The City.


  1. Ummm yes, I just saw this show for the first time last week...I am certainly not in my twenties, I loved their wardrobes....I need help :)

    I know what you mean by being drawn into their lives.

  2. HI:)
    I really loved the last picture:)

    And the man is pretty wonderful to look at as well...i have always liked that kind of Rock man:)

    Have a nice day -SP

  3. I agree SP, he's not bad to llok at at all!